Q - Do you deliver?

A - We deliver and pick up.  Delivery charges are based on mileage to event destination.

Q - Do you have a showroom?

A - At this time, we do not have a showroom accessible to the public.

Q - Are after hour deliveries and pickups an option?

A - We understand you have a busy workday. The majority of our deliveries are done in the evening during the week or early in the morning. Pickups/Deliveries after 5 pm and on the weekends may incur an additional fee.

Q - Is there an extra fee for holiday delivery and pickups?

A - Yes, holiday reservations incur an extra fee. Please contact us for more information.

Q - Are reservations required?

A - We recommend that you reserve your items at least three weeks in advance. On occasion, we may accept reservations within 48 to 72 hours of your event based product and staff availability. There may be an additional charge for this service.

Q - Is a Deposit Required?

A - To formally reserve your request, a 50% deposit is required.

Q - May a customer pick up their order (reserved items)?

A - Customers may pick up tables, chairs, linens, games, and other small items. Margarita Machine and Patio Heater rentals are not eligible for customer pickup.

Q - I don’t see the item I’m looking for, can you help me find it?

A - We network with several industry partners. If we don’t have it, chances are we can help you find it. Please message us with the specifics of what you are seeking through our custom request form.

Q - How do I prepare my rental for pickup?

A - All items must be free of debris (tape, streamers, confetti, food, etc.) and spills wiped. Linens should be shaken and then folded. Please have tables and chairs folded and grouped together in the same spot where they were delivered.

Q - My plans changed and I can’t be home for delivery/pickup. What can I do?

A - If you will not be home at delivery, please have someone available to pay the remaining balance due at the time of delivery. Alternatively, you may pay in full in advance and then arrange to provide access for delivery and pickup. Follow the step for preparing your items for pickup. We will text you with photos to confirm delivery and pickup of items.

Q - Can I change the item quantity of my reservation?

A - Once the reservation has been made and the 50% deposit has been paid, you have 2 weeks prior to the event to make a cancellation for a full refund of the deposit. If the reservation is cancelled within 2 weeks of the event, we will not refund the deposit. We do not reschedule or refund any deposits due to weather. In times of government shutdown, you would be responsible for the expenses incurred up to that date. Adding items to your reservation is permitted at any time (based upon availability of equipment) however removing items is not permitted at any time.

Q - I need to rent for more than one day or I need to arrange for a longer rental after delivery, what do I do?

A - The rental is based on a 24 hour rental. Additional time will incur an additional charge. Please contact us to discuss your needs.